African Bank Credit Cards

African Bank Credit Cards

African Bank Credit Cards – Life is full of surprises and amongst those surprises are unexpected expenses. You can be better prepared for such expenses when you apply for African Bank credit cards. These come in the form of the Silver credit card and the Gold credit card. When you are an African Bank credit card holder you enjoy the convenience of access to funds anytime you want. How much credit you qualify for depends on your credit record and affordability.

Why African Bank Credit Cards

You have plenty of reason to apply for African Bank credit cards including the reason that it makes you better prepared for unforeseen expenses. These credit card are offered by African Bank which is one of the top banks in South Africa. African Bank is a registered financial services and credit provider. This means they operate within the guidelines of the National Credit Act. This in turn gives you peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a reputable organisation.

When you apply for African Bank credit cards you can either choose the Silver credit card or Gold credit card. The Silver credit card will support you lifestyle offering you more choice, financial freedom and the power to purchase. The Gold credit card is tailor-made to completely meet your financial and lifestyle needs. Some of the benefits of both credit cards include international acceptance wherever you see the Visa logo. You also get credit life insurance which will cover you in the event of retrenchment, disability or death.

Requirements To Apply For African Bank Credit Cards

  1. You must 18 years or older
  2. ID document
  3. 3 months latest payslips
  4. 3 months banks statements
  5. Proof of residence

Application for credit cards at African Bank is easy and quick. To find out how much you qualify for you can apply online and get an online offer. If you wish to apply at a branch you may also do that at your nearest branch.

African Bank Credit Card Contact Details

For more information on credits cards from African Bank you can visit their website or call them on 0861 111 011.


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