Balungile Cash Loans

Balungile Cash Loans

Balungile Cash Loans – If you are looking for a small loan to get you through difficult times, Balungile Cash loans could be just what you need. You can take a loan of up to R4 500 with up to 3 months to pay. How much is approved will depend on your credit record. When you apply for Balungile Cash loans approval is done in 15 minutes if all required documents have been submitted. This will help you in cases where you are faced with an emergency. How you use your funds is entirely up to you.

Balungile has years of experience in the financial services industry and have assisted many South Africans over the years. Through their personal loans they hope to improve the lives of their clients. They will take all your needs into consideration and will try and give you a solution that meets those needs. Balungile Cash loans are designed to give you convenience and flexibility. With 3 months allowed to settle your loan you can get enough time to sort out your financial affairs. Their loans are unsecured which means you don’t have to provide any collateral in order to get a loan.

At Balungile you will get peace of mind knowing that they operate within the guidelines of the National Credit Act. You will not be charged any hidden fees. Their interest rates are competitive when compared to those of other lenders. Their aim is to help you improve your life and not leave you worse off. As much as they wish to improve your life they will only approve a loan that you can afford.

Requirements To Apply For Balungile Cash Loans

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. A copy of your ID Document
  3. 3 months bank statements
  4. Proof of income – payslip
  5. Proof of residence

Balungile Cash Loans Contact Details

For more information on Balungile Cash loans and to apply you can phone them on 016 455 1990 / 016 455 5896.