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Bonitas Medical Aid

Bonitas Medical Aid – If you are looking for a reliable medical aid you can turn to Bonitas Medcial Aid. Medical Aid is made easy with Bonitas. Their aim is to make quality healthcare accessible to all South Africans. They offer a wide range of products which are simple to understand and meets needs if different individuals. Their products will definitely give you more value for money. Whilst other medical aids will be for high earning individuals, this is not the case with Bonitas Medical Aid. Even if you are a minimum wage earner their product range will meet your needs.

Reasons To Choose Bonitas Medical Aid

You have plenty of reasons to Choose Bonitas Medical Aid over any other medical aid. Medical Aid from Bonitas is affordable and even minimum wage earners can afford their products. Bonitas has partnerships with quality service providers and healthcare professionals. You can be assured of getting top quality healthcare when you need it the most. They have a large network of GP’s and Specialists giving you more to choose from and more value for money. They have a 93% payout on valid claims.

Another reason to choose Bonitas Medical aid is that they provide cover for up to 62 chronic conditions and free medicine delivery. Along with this they provide benefits for cancer, mental health, HIV / AIDS, diabetes and more. This makes Bonitas stand out above most medical aid that do not cover these conditions. In addition to giving cover they give members managed care programmes to help manage chronic conditions.

Bonitas Medical Aid Plans

  1. Standard – Offers rich day-to-day benefits and comprehensive hospital cover.
  2. Standard Select – Uses a quality provider network to offer rich day-to-day benefits and hospital cover
  3. Primary – Offers simple dat-to-day medical benefits and hospital cover.
  4. BonComprehensive – A first class medical savings plan offering savings, an above threshold benefit and extensive hospital cover.
  5. BonClassic – A generous savings option which offers a wide range of medical aid benefits, in and out of hospital.
  6. BonComplete – This savings option offers generous savings, an above threshold benefit and rich hospital cover.
  7. BonSave – This savings option offers sufficient savings to use as you choose for medical expenses and extensive hospital cover.
  8. BonFit – This savings plan offers basic cover for day-to-day medical needs and essential medical cover.
  9. BonEssential – This hospital plan offers rich hospital benefits with some value-added benefits.
  10. Hospital Standard – This hospital plan offers extensive hospital benefits with some value-added benefits
  11. Hospital Plus – This hospital plan offers comprehensive hospital benefits with some value-added benefits.

These plans are designed to meet the needs of South African from different walks of life. If you are not sure which plan to choose you can make use of their Plan Finder Tool on their website. It is however, recommended that you consult with a broker before choosing a medical aid plan. Application can be done online or you can visit any of their Walk-in centres countrywide and get assistance from their consultants

Bonitas Medical Aid Contact Details

For more information on Bonitas Medical Aid and their plans you can visit their website or  call their call centre on 0860 002 108.