FNB Smart Bond – Housing You Can Afford

FNB Smart Bond

FNB Smart Bond. – Most people have a dream of owning a home. The challenge comes when it comes to finding the funds to make the dream a reality.

The FNB Smart Bond is tailor-made for you if you earn a minimum gross monthly income of R3 500 up to a maximum of R25 000.

You are allowed to make joint applications. However, each applicant should not earn more than R25 000 gross income.

Getting started is made easy by FNB. You can get up to 100% bond finance with no deposit required. FNB Smart Bond gives you option of fixing the interest rate for a 5-year period.

One benefits is that you will get an opportunity to buy a house within a network of approved housing developments nationwide.

Another benefit is the free Comprehensive Home Ownership Programme. This is a programme which will assist you to be a responsible home-owner. This is especially essential if you are a first time home-owner.

FNB Smart Bond Options

1. Smart Bond Future Choice – allows you to register a higher bond amount (more than the purchase price), that could be used in future.

2. Further Bond – Allows you to apply for and register an additional bond. This will be above the already registered home loan.

3. Smart Bond Readvance – Gives you access to the funds that make up the difference between the original registered amount and the outstanding balance

Requirements To Qualify For FNB Smart Bond

  1. South African Citizen with valid ID
  2. A minimum monthly income of R3 500 before deductions
  3. For joint applications each applicant must NOT earn more than R25 000
  4. Should be permanently employed for a 12 month period
  5. 3 months bank statements (if not banking with FNB)
  6. Latest payslip
  7. Signed Offer to purchase

FNB Smart Bond Contact Details

For more information you can visit the FNB website or call them on 087 730 1144 / 087 730 1155. You can also send an email to and a friendly consultant will respond to you.


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