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Carfin Vehicle Finance

Carfin – Have you identified your dream car and wondering how you will buy it? You can make your dream a reality by getting vehicle finance from Carfin.

Carfin offers two vehicle finance options. They offer Standard Hire Purchase Agreement and the Residual Purchase Agreement.

The Standard Hire Purchase Agreement is a contract between you and the bank. The contract will be linked to prime interest rate and will have a fixed term. Once you have paid all monthly premiums you will retain full ownership of the vehicle.

With Residual Finance Agreement will involve a balloon payment at the end of the term. The residual amount will depend on the age of the vehicle and the number of months the repayment is scheduled over.

Why Apply For Vehicle Finance From Carfin

They are one of the leading companies in vehicle finance and vehicle refinance solutions. The will offer you top quality service which will make you feel the difference between them and other car finance options in the market.

When you apply for finance at Carfin they will facilitate for the best deal from the available banks. Their consultants will do all the leg work for you. You will never have to stand in queues saving you on your precious time.

Those that wish to refinance their vehicles are welcome. This can put cash back into your pocket. Visit the Carfin website for more details on how.

Carfin also provides financing solutions for bikes and caravans.

Requirements To Apply For Carfin Vehicle Finance

  1. Valid South African ID
  2. You must have a valid driver’s licence
  3. The vehicle must be less than 10 years old
  4. 3 months bank statements or payslips
  5. A minimum salary of R6 500 per month
  6. You must have a good credit record

Application can be done online giving you the convenience of being able to apply from your house or office.

Carfin Vehicle Finance Contact Details

For more information on Carfin finance you can contact them using any of the following details:

Website       :

Email             :

Telephone   :  0861 227 346 (0861 CARFIN) / 012 804 14 89

Fax               : 012 809 1933


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