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King Price Insurance – If you are looking for super cheap insurance you turn to King Price Insurance. They have a wide range of products as super affordable rates.

They will insure from business to buildings, cars to computers, walls to watches, trailers to TVs. As long as you own it they will have you covered. King Price is always on your side.

Reasons To Choose King Price Insurance

You have plenty of reasons to choose King Price Insurance. One reason is that their premiums are super cheap and in some cases they decrease monthly. They offer comprehensive insurance just like many other insurance companies. They however will make sure they give you the cover at the lowest possible price. King Price offers value-for-money insurance and service with a smile.

When you take car insurance with them your monthly premium will decrease as the car will be depreciating. This is really beneficial to you as you will get to save on premiums.

King Price does not offer “No Claim Bonus”. The reason is that they don’t believe in inflating your premium in order to give you this “Bogus” bonus. They would rather give you low premiums and keep them low throughout the entire period you have cover.

The benefits that come with King Price Insurance make it worthwhile. You get emergency assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You also benefit from quick and easy claims. The King’s cab is available is you have comprehensive car cover with King Price. They will you get you and your car home safely if you are in no condition to drive.

King Price Insurance Products

1- Car Insurance – You monthly premium decreases monthly in line with the depreciating value of your car.

2- Building Insurance – You are covered against insured perils for the physical structures on your property, such as your home and its outbuildings. King Price will cover loss of, or damage to, your buildings, geysers ad water pipes. They cover all other physical things that could cost you a lot of money to repair or replace.

3- Home Contents Insurance – Everything that is in your house is covered. From TVs and tablets to Tag Heuers, from shoes and sheets to your old CD collection they will insure it. Things that are portable are only covered whilst they are in the house. If you wish to keep them covered when you take them out of the house then you need to take separate Portable Possessions Insurance. Unfortunately they don’t cover the following under home contents; cellphones, bikes, contact lenses, prescription glasses and hearing aids.

4- Portable Possessions – This cover will repair or replace possessions like clothing and cameras, tablets, travel luggage, rings and sparkly things if they are stolen or damaged while they are anywhere other than in your home.

5- Trailer Insurance – You will get affordable insurance for your trailer and whatever it is carrying. You are also covered for any legal liability to other parties for any accidental damage caused to their property during an incident that involved your trailer.

6- Caravan Insurance – You will get comprehensive caravan insurance for a super cheap price. You are covered for any loss of or damage to your own caravan. You get cover for any liability towards third parties caused by your caravan.

7- R1 Insurance – If you have taken comprehensive car insurance with King Price, you can take 1 X R1 item with them. The things R1 insurance will cover include Apple watch, Nikon Camera, Gold clubs, Bike and Hearing aid.

8- Credit Shortfall – This covers you for the difference between what your car is worth and what you still owe on it, if it’s been stolen or written off.

King Price Insurance Contact Details

For more information on King Price Insurance you can visit their website You can call them on 0860 50 50 50 or complete the call me back form online and they will call you back.

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