One Plan Health Insurance

If you cannot afford medical aid it does not mean the end of the world for you because you can get health insurance. The One Plan Health insurance provides you with healthcare from just R310 per month! Health insurance is not a Medical Aid Scheme, but offers you sufficient health cover and still making it affordable. It is a risk cover for unforeseen events according to cover limits.

One Plan Health Insurance can work for you as there are different packages that you can select from to meet your needs and budget. The different package offering range from R310 per month to R1 180 per month for a single person.

Some of the things covered by One Plan Health Insurance include ambulance, doctors, medication, radiology, hospital, pathology, 24 hour emergency cover and HIV cover. With all these things covered get health insurance today and let One Plan take care of you if disaster strikes. This is definitely a great alternative to Medical aid.

The One Plan Heath Insurance plans that you can select from (in 2017) are as follows:

Hospital and Health Care

1- Core – R310

2- Blue – R570

3- Professional – R735

4- Executive – R925


Stop procrastinating and get the One Plan Health Insurance package that suits you as tomorrow can be unpredictable. You can visit their website to fill the call me I’m interested form or get more information on or alternatively call them on 010 001 0141