OUTsurance Car Insurance

Outsurance Car Insurance

OUTsurance Car Insurance – With OUTsurance you always get something out. How true this statement is when you get OUTsurance car insurance. It is all the car insurance you will ever need.  Their cover is tailored to your pockets and needs. You can choose between Comprehensive Cover, Limited & Liability Cover and Essential Cover. The premium you are charged is vehicle and risk profile dependent.

Reasons To Choose OUTsurance Car Insurance

The benefits that come with your car insurance make it worthwhile choosing OUTsurance car insurance. You will get low fixed excess, 12 month guaranteed premiums, fast claims settlement, and a cash OUTbonus of 10% of your premiums back after three claim-free years. Hail damage is covered as a standard. Clients also get roadside emergency assistance service 24/7 whether you have run out of fuel or have a flat tyre.

They are so confident that they can save you on your monthly car insurance premium. If they can’t beat your current premium they will reward you with R400. If you have been claim free for 3 years they will pay you R800 instead. This shows the confidence they have that they are the cheapest car insurance provider in South Africa.

OUTsurance Comprehensive Car Insurance

With Comprehensive insurance you are insured against anything and everything. It includes bumper bashings, theft, hijacking, scratches & dents, fire, hail damage, liability claims and third party damage. To enjoy full insurance cover make sure you don’t drink and drive, you always have a valid driver’s licence and that your vehicle is roadworthy.

OUTsurance Limited & Liability Cover (Motor Liability Cover)

Third party car insurance also known as ‘liability to other parties’ will cover you against financial liabilities after you caused a vehicle accident that resulted in accidental loss or damage to someone else’s property. Limited Cover will cover you against theft and hijacking. You will enjoy up to R5 million in liability cover for the insured vehicle. If you have selected liability cover to other parties as stand-alone cover they will not cover your own property. If you are in an accident don’t admit guilt before reporting the incident to OUTsurance.

OUTsurance Essential Car Insurance

This is an ideal product if your vehicle in not financed, older than 5 years and less than R100 000. When your vehicle is damaged in an accident OUTsurance will pay you up to 40% of your OUTsured value in cash. If your vehicle is stolen they will pay the full retail value of the vehicle. If you are in an accident and it’s your fault and you are legally liable for damages to a third party’s vehicle they will pay for those damages to a maximum of R1 million with no excess payable.

OUTsurance Car Insurance Contact Details

For more information on OUTsurance Car Insurance products you can visit their website You can also call them on 08 600 60 000.