Virgin Money Credit Card

Virgin Money credit card

Are you looking for a credit card? The Virgin Money credit card could be what you are looking for. The Virgin Money credit card deal is unbeatable and you can easily apply for it.

How much credit limit you will get will all depend on your credit record and affordability.

This credit card is good for you because Virgin Money will only charge you where it makes sense to charge you and there is no annual card fee. You also don’t get charged for swiping and for accessing Virgin Money Online.

The Virgin Money credit card can be used both locally and internationally, wherever you see the MasterCard logo. In South Africa you can withdraw cash at any ATM and for transfers you can do them through Virgin Money Online.

For those that wish to give a loved one access to their credit account you can do as you can choose up to 3 additional (secondary) cards that will all be linked to your main account.

Cardholders get up to 55 days interest free on swipe transactions.

The Virgin money credit card has a simple fee structure easy to understand. You are not charged any monthly service fees.

Application can be done online. This gives you the benefit of being able to apply from the comfort of your home or office.

Requirements To Apply For The Virgin Money Credit Card

  1. You must be 18 years and older
  2. South African ID book
  3. Minimum salary of R5,000 per month
  4. You must be a permanent resident of South Africa
  5. You must have a savings or cheque account

Virgin Money Credit Card Contact Details

To apply online and for more information you can visit their website or call on 0861 822 273. If you wish to send an email you can do so to and one of their consultants will be able to assist you.


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